C. Spengler Strategies provides innovative construction and environmental strategies to facilitate the redevelopment of brownfields in our urban environment with proven concepts, solutions, and services that save time and money.

Chris Spengler is a 25-year veteran of the environmental consulting field with a focus on brownfields, redevelopment, and remediation during construction. Mr. Spengler changed the paradigm for the environmental remediation of redevelopment projects in San Diego by originating the Property Mitigation Plan (PMP) concept as part of the Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment project. Subsequently he began to offer turn-key solutions for remediation design, implementation, and management including complete grading work. The combined management of grading and remediation work including the remediation design provides efficiencies and cost-savings not otherwise obtainable, and reduces conflicts/change orders between subcontractors.

Mr. Spengler has managed over $18 million in assessment/remediation and construction projects over the past 25 years, resulting in the assessment/remediation/mitigation of over 2 million square feet of real estate, and has acted as the construction manager for another 21-acre (915,000-square-foot) - project in South Central Los Angeles involving $31 million in demolition, remediation, and restoration.  Mr. Spengler knows how to transform brownfields into properties supporting their highest and best use.

C. Spengler Strategies has the knowledge and experience to bridge the gap between remediation design and implementation. Mr. Spengler's strategies can benefit both the developer/owner and the general contractor and will help keep projects on schedule. 

Mr. Spengler's first-hand knowledge of construction practices and grading creates a unique skill set that provides valuable benefits to his clients and can help your next redevelopment project succeed.

Regarding the remediation of the new Sharp Rees-Steely medical office building at 4th Avenue & Grape Street, Downtown San Diego, California