C. Spengler's Experience in Downtown San Diego

As a result of C. Spengler's work on the Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment Project and numerous other projects in downtown San Diego, Barrio Logan, Logan Heights, Little Italy, and Midway, it is safe to say that C. Spengler has seen more of what lies beneath downtown San Diego than any other individual environmental consultant. Within the aforementioned areas, C. Spengler has remediated and/or mitigated over 1.88 million square feet (over 43 acres) of real estate in downtown San Diego, turning brownfields into properties supporting their highest and best use.

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This extensive experience translates to an unparalleled understanding of how the historical land uses, dating back to the late 1800's, have impacted the soil and groundwater in downtown San Diego. Because C. Spengler has managed the excavation of such a large portion of downtown San Diego, he has the knowledge and experience to provide subsurface assessments that are targeted and efficient. In addition, with his construction experience, C. Spengler tailors his assessments to the needs of the future grading work and construction activities while maintaining regulatory compliance and protecting long-term liability.

Mr. Opper was the lead legal counsel for the City of San Diego's Redevelopment Agency for the Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment Project.