In 1998 I became the Project Manager for the Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment Project as consultant to the former Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC). The project began with a 35-block Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to evaluate the potential environmental issues prior to The City of San Diego pursuing the acquisition of the properties through the use of the Polanco Act. 

Mr. Allsbrook managed the property acquisitions and environmental remediation of the Petco Park + East Village Redevelopment Project

Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego, Richard Opper, Esq., (Opper & Varco LP), the San Diego Padres, and Chris Spengler of Environmental Business Solutions (now of C. Spengler Strategies) put this video together to highlight the achievement of cleaning up the footprint of the then new Petco Park in 2000 as part of winning entry for the 2006 EPA Region 9 Phoenix Award for Brownfields.

Jim Schuck was the DEH's Project Manager for the Petco Park + East Village Redevelopment Project and his flexible and responsive approach was key to the success of the project.