Over the past two decades C. Spengler has been instrumental in changing the way remediations are conducting for redevelopment projects. With approaches always geared toward efficiency while still being accurate, C. Spengler has set the standard for the remediation of brownfields in San Diego County. While managing the remediation of the Petco Park and East Village Redevelopment Project he, and Dr. Jay Jones, PGP, developed the Property Mitigation Plan (PMP) concept to facilitate the rapid site assessment, remediation, and regulatory acceptance of the Petco Park project. The PMP concept allowed for the remediation of nearly eight city blocks (11 different properties) within 3.5 months including regulatory closure, a truly unprecedented achievement.  Following the implementation of each PMP, C. Spengler developed the Property Closure Report (PCR) which consolidated all the environmental data and remediation information for final regulatory approval. The PCR was at the time a new type of document never before seen in San Diego County. The PMP/PCR has since become the de facto standard in the remediation of properties undergoing redevelopment in San Diego County, and the approach has been exported to other counties and regulatory jurisdictions with success. 

Over the past 14 years since developing the PMP concept, C. Spengler has continually incorporated unique approaches that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the remediation efforts. These concepts and approaches have often been pioneering in San Diego and include the following:

  • Predetermination of Health Risk criteria and goals
  • Field-screening of metals with X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) meters 
  • In situ waste characterization
  • a priori confirmation sampling
  • Multi-Depth Remediation Excavation Plans

The PMP is a dynamic workplan allowing for assessment, remediation, and health risk analysis in one document for the remediation during construction. A Property Closure Report then provides the final documentation for regulatory closure. I have prepared and implemented over 50 PMPs. My continued improvement and creative solutions have set the standard in San Diego for remediation during redevelopment.

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